• Material souring:
    With access to some of the worlds most prestige manufacturers and distributors, we are able to source a wide range of specialty metals and products.
  • Logistics/Delivery/Warehousing:
    We have developed partnerships with some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s largest trucking and delivery companies to ensure prompt and competitive priced delivery wherever you are.
  • Fabrication/Machining/Engineering:
    As suppliers to Australia’s leading manufacturing companies we are able to provide cost effective solutions. If we are unable to help, we will get you talking to the right people!
  • Repetition Cutting:
    Let us take care of the nuisance work for you. With our machinery we can precut your billets and components prior to shipping to your required tolerances.
  • Tendering/Estimating services:
    Supply us with your detailed product specifications and quantities and we will promptly give you a detailed quotation based on the current world metal and FX pricing.

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